Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unleashing the Beast

So, pretty much no one in Brooklyn has considered me overly political. I tend to keep quiet about my days in the Connecticut Green Party. Hell, I went to a national convention in 2002! I considered myself lucky since I thought I was over politics at age 15. Nothing gets done in politics because people are all too busy with their thumbs up their asses debating by-laws and stuff. You really have no control over it. But for a while, I was way too caught up in, debating people whenever I got the chance, and being a dick about politics in general. My blood pressure probably rose a lot. Life got much easier when I chilled the fuck out and stopped paying attention.
This was easy in 2004 because no one really gave a shit. We all knew Kerry was going to lose. Could there be a less viable candidate, someone dumb undecideds could hate more easily? Probably not, cause, y'know, flip-flop Swift Boat, hyuck hyuck.
But now it's 2008 and everyone's poor and angry. Obama is making people hopeful (he should use that word in his campaign, I think) and optimistic that we might not have politics as usual. People are paying attention. Stakes is mothafucking high, y'all. Anyway, WALNUTS! is scaring me more every day, and after the Katie Couric interview, Sarah Palin has gone from funny to sad fast.
Three days a week I edit political rants that usually don't have much substance and cause me to think long and hard about the world at large. Three TVs in the office play cable news simultaneously. When your ears prick up, it's hard not to get angry, hard not to want to do something. But we really can't. We can vote. So, do that. I'll take four years of Jimmy Carter over another four of Bush. That statement makes me cringe, yet everyone seems to think they're really witty when they say it! Sigh.
All this being said, I've started caring again. I'm bound to become a dick again. So...apologies in advance I guess?

Peter, Bjorn and John - School of Kraut