Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matt and Kim: Deleted Scenes

So, hopefully most you have seen the interview I did with Matt and Kim for Flavorwire by now. It was a lot of fun, and M+K are probably two of the nicest people I have met, ever! So you know, fuck all the haters who think it's an act or that maybe they've changed because they started wearing Mountain Dew contact lenses for wheelbarrows of cash or something. They're the real deal. Anyway, here are a few choice stories that didn't make it for the article...most of them involve Matt getting hurt at Pratt.

Matt: I’ll never break a bone, ever. Well, I did go to the emergency room at Brooklyn hospital once, and it suuuuuuucks. It was my freshman year when I was living in Pantas, and my bike tire was rubbing on my frame, and rather than chewing the rim, I decided to cut the tread off with a box knife. I was pulling on it as hard as I could, and then bam, right into the hand. Hand wounds and stuff bleed a ton, and so I went to Brooklyn hospital. They just gave me a bucket and let the blood run out of it for six hours waiting for the ER. Then a med student stitched it up…I mean I was 18 so they must have thought I was up for whatever. So the med student put the needle in way too deep and the doctor is like “You put the needle in way too deep, so…” and I was like, I can hear you. I don’t think I got a bill.

Matt again, talking about his 5th floor sophomore dorm:

Matt: OK, so in my sophomore dorm in Willoughby Hall, my suitemate had gotten kicked out or something so we had an empty room, and my band started practicing in there. So we moved all our equipment inside, and then the day we had a show they locked the door and I couldn’t get in. But what I realized was that if I used this shovel I had, I could open the window on the other side, and I got that window open, so I tied a rope around my waist at one end and put the other end around a refrigerator, and like I leaned out the window, grabbed onto the other window sill and managed to pull myself inside the other room. So I was fine, I got all of our shit out of the room. But the RAs and stuff, they were like “How did you get in there?” and I was like “Well, I went in the window…” I was pretty much on academic probation the rest of the time I was here. I told my mom about it and that was a bad idea.

And finally, a little bit about whatever "scene" there was at Pratt back in the early 00's:

Well, it’s so bizarre in the first place that Pratt has no performing arts really, no dance, no music. I remember when people were trying to get them to make rooms for people to play music together, but as far as music happenings…I was in a band here that would play every week at people’s like, loft parties. We were called the manda knowa (sp?) and we sounded like AC/DC. We were Pratt’s party band and were awful, but it was really fun.

Matt and Kim - Daylight

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kid Pretentious vs. M83

So, over the weekend I got a last second chance to interview Anthony Gonzalez (aka M83) before his show at Irving Plaza. He was very funny (and as shy as you'd expect a French shoegazer to be) and a nice guy in general. Anyway, check out the interview on Flavorwire! The show itself was haven't lived until you've gotten to see "Coleurs" live!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Sorts of Promise

Jesus, is it the first day of the semester already? I guess it's not so bad...after battling a cold, having a few days without work, and huddling for warmth indoors during the freezing weather, I'm about ready to become mentally and physically exhausted again. Plus, I'm going to fucking graduate. This semester I'm going to write the shit out of my thesis, finish something I'll be proud of, and keep having fun. Also, it's always a good omen that school starts the same day as the best inauguration ever. It's historic and full of hope, I hear.

Also, I booked a flight to Dublin! I got a ludicrously cheap roundtrip plane ticket. I won't be bringing my laptop or going with anyone I know. This will either be the best thing ever or a total disaster. But I want to have one last adventure before I become a grownup. Not that I'm scared of the real world...I mean, I'll just be glad not to have to juggle work and school, to be able to do whatever I want when I come home at night and not worry about homework. I hope to not become someone that stays in every weeknight. Cause I do that now from all the work that comes with juggling school and work, and boy does staying in suck!

Goals for the semester: write better, blog harder, game harder, do everything to the EXTREME DUDE.

Anyway, Todd "Arms" Goldstein's other band, the Harlem Shakes, have a new album dropping soon, and this thing is magic. They're going to be huge, trust me. I also saw Arms play last night with other bands I've gushed over in the past, but that's another entry.

Harlem Shakes - Strictly Games

Monday, January 19, 2009

Procrastination Log: Week Two

Well, this procrastination log is a littler later than the last one, but hey, holiday weekend! Aside from this stuff I've been reading a lot of really rad articles in New York Stories. Tom Wolfe's "Radical Chic" essay is so rad! Anyway, here is what kept me from posting this week:

The 44 Presidents Coming, Heh

An Oldie But a Goodie: Why Videogame Journalism Sucks

This Whole "Ignore Tao Lin Until He Goes Away" Strategy Isn't Working

Drew Magary Tears Apart Asshole Sports Know-It-Alls

I Really Want to Rant About Terrible Person Mark Driscoll's Terrible Profile, But I Don't Want An Ulcer

Anyway, more procrastination has come from Gears of War 2 than anything else this week. Who doesn't like fun, retarded gameplay matched up with a terrible storyline? The next log will take place after week 1 of the new semester, which means I will have to procrastinate even harder. Until then!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Procrastination Log: Week One

You know what I do instead of blog and write more in general? I get distracted and read long internet articles! And from there I pester my friends to read them so that someone will talk to me about them. So from here on out, I'll try to tally whatever crap catches my eyes every week!

Adam Sternbergh Takes Down David Denby's Snark Without Snarking the Shit Out of Him

Uh, I Guess People Eat Squirrels in the UK Now

Speaking of the Times, They Might Go Out of Business Come May, At Least According to This Leap-of-Faith Hypothetical

ALIEN VS PREDATOR: A Poem for the Ages

Mick Foley, That Wrestler I Used to Watch Fight With a Sock, Reviews the Wrestler

Known Fat Guy Ricky Gervais Defends Hating Other Fats, Hilariously

Wonkette Absolutely Destroys Maureen Dowd's Pro-Caroline Kennedy Op-Ed

Flavorwire Interviews the Managing Editor of Pitchfork

Dude, Nazi Zombies

And with that, the things that helped me survive another week of boredom. Of course that doesn't include the many, many Wikipedia entries I numb my mind with. Should I add some commentary to these things? Probably. But I'm on vacation in Buffalo right now, so you'll have to cut me some slack while I drink and gorge myself on wings at the Anchor Bar. See you when my stomach and liver recover!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm a Neglectful Blog-Parent

Hey remember that time I neglected my blog for an insanely long time? No, not that time, the other time. No, the other time. Yeah, sorry about that. See, I have this thing called a thesis that kind of sucked all of my time away the last few months. Oh, and another thing called an internship. Well, I handed in a good chunk of my thesis (62 pages!) in the middle of December, and I've been drunk most of the time since! Ha ha, ignore that part if you're a potential employer who might be reading this. Oh right, said internship is ending next week, and I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next. Maybe I'll try being a kid one last semester before I officially become old and lame for the rest of my life.

Free time is hard to come by. Like, I mean free time where you don't have a clue what to do once you eat breakfast. On Saturday I had my first day of free time, free alone time since this past summer. Really. No homework, no field trip, no friends to see. I thought about going to the MoMa, forgot my student ID that gets me in free, and walked to Central Park. I walked, and then I sat, and then I wondered if this is what life will be like graduation and the economy leaves me hilariously unemployed (kidding, I have more confidence than that!). A possible New Year's Resolution: only get bored when I'm ready to. And I'm not. And I probably won't ever be.

Here is some obligatory culture crap. Best album: Dear Science,. Best Movie: Reprise. Best Book: Home. Best TV Show: Mad Men (more on that later). Best Blog: Wonkette, Wonkette, Wonkette.

Anyway, if you haven't heard the new Animal Collective yet, you probably should.

Animal Collective - My Girls

Tuesday, December 2, 2008