Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matt and Kim: Deleted Scenes

So, hopefully most you have seen the interview I did with Matt and Kim for Flavorwire by now. It was a lot of fun, and M+K are probably two of the nicest people I have met, ever! So you know, fuck all the haters who think it's an act or that maybe they've changed because they started wearing Mountain Dew contact lenses for wheelbarrows of cash or something. They're the real deal. Anyway, here are a few choice stories that didn't make it for the article...most of them involve Matt getting hurt at Pratt.

Matt: I’ll never break a bone, ever. Well, I did go to the emergency room at Brooklyn hospital once, and it suuuuuuucks. It was my freshman year when I was living in Pantas, and my bike tire was rubbing on my frame, and rather than chewing the rim, I decided to cut the tread off with a box knife. I was pulling on it as hard as I could, and then bam, right into the hand. Hand wounds and stuff bleed a ton, and so I went to Brooklyn hospital. They just gave me a bucket and let the blood run out of it for six hours waiting for the ER. Then a med student stitched it up…I mean I was 18 so they must have thought I was up for whatever. So the med student put the needle in way too deep and the doctor is like “You put the needle in way too deep, so…” and I was like, I can hear you. I don’t think I got a bill.

Matt again, talking about his 5th floor sophomore dorm:

Matt: OK, so in my sophomore dorm in Willoughby Hall, my suitemate had gotten kicked out or something so we had an empty room, and my band started practicing in there. So we moved all our equipment inside, and then the day we had a show they locked the door and I couldn’t get in. But what I realized was that if I used this shovel I had, I could open the window on the other side, and I got that window open, so I tied a rope around my waist at one end and put the other end around a refrigerator, and like I leaned out the window, grabbed onto the other window sill and managed to pull myself inside the other room. So I was fine, I got all of our shit out of the room. But the RAs and stuff, they were like “How did you get in there?” and I was like “Well, I went in the window…” I was pretty much on academic probation the rest of the time I was here. I told my mom about it and that was a bad idea.

And finally, a little bit about whatever "scene" there was at Pratt back in the early 00's:

Well, it’s so bizarre in the first place that Pratt has no performing arts really, no dance, no music. I remember when people were trying to get them to make rooms for people to play music together, but as far as music happenings…I was in a band here that would play every week at people’s like, loft parties. We were called the manda knowa (sp?) and we sounded like AC/DC. We were Pratt’s party band and were awful, but it was really fun.

Matt and Kim - Daylight


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