Thursday, August 7, 2008

You've Got Taste, What a Waste


Well, the French Kicks played mostly songs from their new album last night. Coincidentally, their new album sucks pretty hard! That review sort of hangs itself by comparing it to old REM and U2 albums (which are boring). Basically, whatever seemed bland and mundane on their first three albums (half the songs) was increased to take over the show. While Two Thousand played to their strengths, Swimming did the opposite. We spent some time away from the crowd and lounging around before leaving early. On our way to the train we could make out the faint sounds of "One More Time". Damn it! Dave Hill fared better, berating children and showing a video featuring a young Aziz Ansari and uh...cheetah breast milk?

I've been reading more blogs than usual today to avoid real work. I wish I could read a book at work or something because I can feel my brain turning to mush and getting desperate for some intellectual stimulation! *punches self in face* Hey I'm posting an Okkervil River song even though I feel bad about that time Will Sheff told his fans not to do it. Did you know he used to work for Audiogalaxy? Am I the only one that remembers Audiogalaxy? Or Scour? I'm starting to feel e-old.

Okkervil River - Singer-Songwriter