Tuesday, August 12, 2008

They Denied Me During The Seventh Inning Stretch, Though

There's this awkward period between ages 13 and 20 where baseball games are pretty much the most boring thing ever. Then you turn 21 and alcohol happens. My first experience with this came last night at a Brooklyn Cyclones game. The occasion: they were playing the Batavia Muckdogs, my girlfriend's hometown team. Like Batavia itself, they're pretty horrible! The cheap Brooklyn brews were great and all, but the best part was having a retarded side show at the top and bottom of every inning. Racing hot dog suits, human hamster wheels, and a RECYCLING COMPETITION. Also, a large portion of the crowd did the Cha Cha in the bottom of the fifth. No, it didn't go away when you graduated high school, apparently. Everything at Keyspan Park is the best kind of obnoxious. I even won a victory ball! If you've only got a passing interest in baseball, you might as well go here and spend half of what you would at a Yankees game. Sports! Two days in a row! I should post about books or something.

The Blow - Parantheses