Monday, August 4, 2008

Nothing Good Will Come of This

Previously, I said that going home was starting to feel like vacation. Well, after a month and a half away I made another trek that pretty much entailed drinking when my body couldn't even handle it with my best friend Jordan (he's a soldier, son!). Anyway, I've realized that I haven't really had a vacation, or been out of the city for more then three days at a time. It's starting to show...constantly feeling overwhelmed, hating work more and more. School starts in less than a month! Shit. Too lazy to even blog. Right now, I'm trying to go somewhere, you know, vacation-y. It's looking like either Cape Cod with my family for a weekend (which they can't even confirm they're doing), a day trip to Rhode Island while visiting home, or a trip to Fire Island in Long Island. No verdict has been reached. Let's hope I can figure something out before labor day!

Where did you go on vacation this summer? Anywhere short and nearby?

Metronomy - Radio Ladio