Friday, August 29, 2008

New Beginnings, etc etc

Oh shit, the summer's over! Today is my last day at Flavorpill. I'm pretty bummed that the internship is's been a great summer, and everyone involved there is totally awesome to work with. They gave me some great fact-checking experience and the opportunity to write about some things I actually, y'know, like. Plus, parties and perks and good lunches, oh my! I'm still going to write for them, but for the most part I am moving on to bigger and better The Huffington Post! You read correctly, folks, I start as a paid (!) blogging intern this Wednesday. That's both exciting and terrifying, and I wouldn't have made it there without my current internship. Thanks guys!

Here's some of the last few pieces I wrote while still an intern: Frances, Brooklyn Cyclones, Arms

My Senior thesis proposal is also due this Thursday. So...six days to get back in that rhythm? Life's about to get crazy. Well, crazier.

Final Fantasy - The Butcher


anna wiener said...

dear scott,

get on your grind, boy.