Monday, August 11, 2008

I Like 'Splosions

You know, I really wasn't looking forward to the Olympics at all until I saw pictures of the opening ceremony. Does anyone else remember when Boyz II Men was supposed to be a main draw in 1996? Yikes. Hooray for fireworks and laser light shows! I found myself fascinated by rowing water polo over the weekend. Never thought I'd say that.
This of course meant the rarity of checking out Deadspin's weekend coverage. This weekend was guest-edited by Sarah Schorno. I officially nominate her to be an actual Deadspin editor. The site's felt less like required reading since Leitch left (expected), but Schorno just might be the perfect successor to make the site interesting again. What was great about Leitch's writing was that there was only a hint of snark, some straightforward reporting, and some sort of intelligent analytical insight. Not only does Schorno provide this amply, but she'd finally give Deadspin a, y'know, female writer (not that it should matter). She has every quality Leitch has, and unlike some of the site's writers (and some of the Deadspinoffs), she's not trying too hard to maintain the "Deadspin voice" or litter the page with insider jokes. Is that really so hard? Heck, it makes me wish she'd do more as a Huffington Post blogger.
More than anything this past weekend just showed that the weekday lineup might not be working out. While some of Daulerio's posts are interesting and insightful (like his Olympic opening post), a lot of them just seem gimmicky and perpetually fascinated with the sports media and its general misogyny than general Deadspinny coverage. Chandler always felt like a nice supplement to Leitch's coverage, but his voice sort of feels drowned out currently.
Meanwhile, Clay Travis seems to have found a niche even more marginalized than hockey bloggers. His posts generally cover some form of harmless (and occasionally fun) fratboy humor. And college football. A lot of college football. Sure, he's probably a nice enough dude in real life that I wouldn't get too annoyed by at a sports bar, but come on now, that can't carry a top-notch sports blog. Really, everyone should have been calling for his blood after reading his introductory post. Point is, all of these people could have a place in a Schorno-helmed Deadspin. Sure, Leitch managed to do this as a two-man (later three) operation, but he also posted with the vigor of a thousand Richard Lawsons. Let the new Deadspin begin!

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