Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting Smarter Never Felt So Lame

The Pratt freshmen are here for orientation week. It's great to make fun of them from a distance and see how ridiculously they dress. To be fair, here's a picture of me the night before I left for college, and boy did I look retarded! I now use that ugly t-shirt when I go to the gym. What's really sad, though, is realizing that you'll never be as reckless as you were when you first got to college. Sleeping in until noon, drinking like, every night, poor judgment with girls, eating White Castle without worry for stomach pains - never again! I saw three shows and did irreversible damage to my liver that week. Barring a serious slide into lonliness and alcoholism, I'll never be that idiotic again. As much as I might miss doing reckless things without consequences, I wouldn't want to do it again. In retrospect, I guess I'm just glad I didn't dress like a lot of this year's assholes. Prattlers, good luck on the best and worst week of your life.

Ida Maria - Morning Light


Anonymous said...

herpes is forever!