Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Douche Chills!

So, is writing like Tucker Max an easy way to make money? Sometimes when I got bored in high school I used to talk like that to the table of WoW-playing nerds I sat with since I was a lonely boy that liked the Decemberists too much and not Dave Matthews. I didn't even get laid and I could talk like a know-it-all asshole! Basically, I bossed around the only people in school worse with women than I was. The weird part? They kind of liked it. A few weeks ago I was introducing some friends in Avon to Stuff White People Like and one of these same nerds from my past asked me if I read Tucker Max, calling him the "funniest dude on the internet". Sigh. Maybe I have a future in ghostwriting?

In other news:
-I wrote about Liza Minelli.
-I'm seeing a minor league baseball game this Monday...shudder. The opponent is from Sharon's home town! Also, it's totally "Bark in the Park" day. I'm going to try to bring a dog I walk. Nothing creepy about that, right?
-While fact-checking a semi-related listing at work last week I found out about a free show happening tonight in the Brooklyn Bridge Park with the French Kicks and Tiny Masters of Today. One of the two times I've seen the Kicks was a free outdoor campus show my freshman year. Guess sounding exactly the same on every song is great in an outdoor setting!
French Kicks - Also Ran