Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We Need the Scooter Police!

It's fun to shit on Clinton Hill now that I don't live there. Good lordy, so much crime these days! I mean, obviously that's not funny, especially since I share many mutual friends with one of the victims mentioned and I'll probably find myself standing for long periods late at night waiting for the bus in the near future. Still! This is what happens when there's a sudden, insane rich-poor divide in a pseudo-trendy neighborhood. Then again, something similar to this happened two years ago. Cops/security will be upped for a few weeks and then we'll get back to some good ol' crime sprees. I bet the solution is to build more condos.

In other Pratt-related news, yesterday was interesting day to be at work between the filming of Fringe, the new J.J. Abrams show. No celebrity sightings. Just lots of catering trucks and camera equipment. The Pre-College students also arrived yesterday. I'm tempted to say you're a pretty negligent parent if you let your little teenager hang out in Brooklyn for a few weeks though. Maybe I should have handed out that Gothamist writeup to the confused parents trying to get home to Jersey. Also, I saw two hideous young mainstream-alt kids leaving the library, where they apparently asked for MetroCards. I guess I would have killed to be them in high school. Now I just want to kill them. Let's start a farm somewhere.

Oxford Collapse - Young Love Delivers


carrie g said...

lol scooter police