Monday, July 7, 2008


Would the hot dog eating contest be so popular if it didn't take place in the sporting doldrums? It'd probably still have a bit of awesomely retarded hysteria (which I witnessed in person with around 40,000 people), but it definitely benefits from the weird stretch between the NBA/NHL finals and the start of the NFL season (or the start of the Summer Olympics this year). However, there have been a surprising amount of exciting sporting events if you look hard enough.

EURO 2008
: This turned out to be surprisingly intense. Everyone should have been rooting for Turkey, who still lost despite THE POWER OF THE FANS. Also, technical glitches made everyone mad and big plays were missed. Weak sauce.

Tiger vs. Rocco: I hate golf, but hot damn, this was interesting. The old standby in a playoff against the smiling fat guy! Whooo!

Federer vs. Nadal last night: epic! Really long! But still, that's awesome. Maybe this will be a classic Sampras-Agassi rival in the future? Who knows.

Williams vs. Williams:

Who the fuck am I kidding? I don't like tennis or golf! I wouldn't even bat an eye if this stuff happened during two of the most epic championship series' in recent memory? Hell no! EURO is about the only thing that's been passably interesting. I couldn't even make it to low-stakes baseball games! I guess I'll take what I can get, and so will the rest of America. Getting drunk and debating sports is what brings most people together. Where would we be if we didn't have that for the next two months? There's also the fact that baseball is pretty boring. The Tour de France is in effect, but is it worth watching is Lance Armstrong isn't competing? WE CAN FIND A WAY.

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