Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So...That Happened

Last week I got an iPhone. I meant to post about it, but they had me doing lots of real work at both of my jobs. Can you believe that shit? Today I'm operating the Pratt campus switchboard, which somehow gives me more spare time between dealing with disgruntled parents that seem to think I'm the enemy. It was my first foray into the whole Apple deal really...I avoided Apple mainly because of friends who never stop babbling about the "Apple experience". Well, whatever...this thing works like a dream.

More importantly, my laptop broke over the weekend. The backlight went out and Dell is going to charge 530 dollars to get it repaired. Sweet Jesus that's wrong! So, next week I'm buying a MacBook...if my friends keeping them forever is any indication, it'll at least last longer. Back to regular posting next week, when I'm sure to make numerous posts about having sex with my new laptop. Hot.

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