Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rock, Robot Rock

So after a weekend of heavy duty moving, Sharon and I decided to see Wall-E. This is only the second summer movie we've seen after an overdue viewing of Iron Man a couple of weeks ago. This was our event film - after all, we love robots, and I'm probably the only person that considers Short Circuit 2 to be a classic. But let me be the last to heap praise on this film: Wall-E is fucking incredible.
It almost feels like an adult movie, but I'm sure kids would agree. Pixar reminds me of the Jim Henson Company only in that they both created timeless children's movies that appeal to adults without resorting to retarded baby boomer jokes that make me nauseous. There's no one winking at the adults or the kids. My heart kind of melts whenever Wall-E does anything sad or, well, human. Some might say this is a distraction from a movie that is light on plot and high on spectacle. You know what? That's OK, because IT WORKS. Any more plot and the film would have started leaking with holes. Any less spectacle and one might say there's no damn point to putting robots in space.
Pixar's films are always good for instilling a sense of hope in us, that we might be able to dream bigger and make the world a better place. The movie studio that most represents Obama? Probably not. But you know, anyone that wants to rid the world of fat people and corporations that don't already own their souls is alright by me. It looks like Pixar will continue the trend of ambitious, challenging movies next year with UP!, which is about an old man finally going on adventures. Neat-o!

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