Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Full Circle

This is my new home: Ridgewood, Queens. In a lot of ways this is my family coming full circle. When I first told my mother I was moving here, she told me that my grandmother grew up here. Neat.

I felt good about blogging daily (!) last week. I've been too exhausted from moving to form cohesive thoughts.
Will Leitch's final insane act as Deadspin editor: an interview with Buzz Bissinger

Keith Gessen couldn't take back the internet, took back the puppies instead.

Emily Gould is a millionaire and it's all our fault.

Zimbabwe: still depressing.

Brijit shut down. Hah.

Sex and the City usurped Baby Mama for the title of "worst movie ever screened at BAM"

-The fear of employment upon graduation.

-Wall-E (spoiler: it fucking rules!)

-Crying eagle (the Fourth of July!)

Oh hey, the new Beck leaked today and it's amazing.

Beck - Youthless