Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Blogging Technique is Unstoppable

Once again I've been habitually bad about updating. Mainly I've been out and about, battling the heatwave.

Important personal things:
-I'm moving to Ridgewood! Yes, I'm aware that's in Queens. It used to be Brooklyn, though! Mainly I'm excited because Clinton Hill is unaffordable and I'm getting a nice place elsewhere for the price of what you pay for a crack den in my old neighborhood. It's mostly families that keep to themselves. There aren't condos or some crazy rich-poor divide or constant muggings. I'm sure I'll hate it commuting to school in the winter, but whatever man! Excited!

-Flavorpill has been incredible so far. Everyone in the company rules. Here's my first listing.

-I got a job as an "administrative assistant" in the Pratt purchasing department. Mostly I do mundane tasks. I'm there now and for once there's nothing to do. Thus, more blogging to come. The days go by fast.

-Something I've noticed about my media consumption: "news" or "newsworthy" seems to have been relegated to entertainment news (New Muppet Movie! VQR's blog assault!) that I find interesting. Anything involving actual news gets thrown out of my mind quickly. I'm hiding myself because things like Zimbabwe will destroy whatever shreds of earnestness or hope (copyright Obama) I have left in my cynically-beaten-to-death body.

I'm going to zone out for a few minutes and maybe write another post before I go home.

Arms - Kids Aflame