Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everybody Cut Loose

Most people that meet me in person are sort of shocked that I'm a total geek for dance music. Sure, it started innocently enough in high school with rock-friendly acts like the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, and !!!, but before I knew it, I was listening to the full-fledged disco of Escort and getting down at the unstoppable Daft Punk show in Keyspan Park. If high school Scott met present Scott, he'd totally laugh and say something homophobic about his music taste!

That probably has to do with a cultural shift - the "it" dance sound for a while was dancepunk, rock-friendly dance music or whatever. That was like five years ago - forever! - and now there have been at least two new trends since. For a while (last year) it was all about Justice and the Ed Banger crew, which really didn't have any staying power since it ripped off the worst parts of Daft Punk and made it their focus. That's terrible especially when Soulwax did a better job of that years before!

Everything's about "new disco" these days and I really don't mind. Did you know the Hercules and Love Affair album just came out yesterday? Yeah, me neither. DFA's whole disco revival thing is incredible, and definitely proves their staying power and ability to evolve as dance kings. Holy Ghost! is going to likely eclipse both Hercules and Escort (though their full-length is going to kill it). Aside from unleashing "Hold On" on the dance floor, HG! has also done some incredible remixing on Panther and Cut Copy, but this Moby remix streaming at RCDLBL proves they're something special, combining their synths with Hercules' horns for a classic cut. That EP release can't come fast enough, since they're touring with the Juan Maclean, who will also dominate when their full-length is released this year.

Aside from that, everyone and their headband-wearing hipster grandma is going totally gay for this new Girl Talk album. He gave it away in high quality for free, which is always great. I'm not sure what my official stance on Girl Talk is - it's a fun album, I like some of the mashups, but it's not life-changing or the best thing ever, and it's really irritating to hear anyone call it "brilliant" because recognizing songs is fun. Also, have you ever seen the crowds at a Girl Talk show? Fucking NYU kids. Anyway, this album is less abrasive than Night Ripper, and probably a little better executed. Congratulations on a lasting gimmick, Greg!

Girl Talk - Set It Off