Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Reason I'm Moving

How does this even happen?

I currently live on the border of Bed-Stuy, and people like this are very strange to me. If you've taken a bus ride down Myrtle or Dekalb Avenue, you've seen them: massive condos surrounded by crack dens and projects. I've always wondered who, exactly, would want to live in these buildings, and now I've gotten my answer. This New York Times article also focuses on the Mynt (vomit) and reveals something scarier: these people like the way their apartments look. What the fuck are they doing in New York?

It's places like this that prove gentrification and the desire to live in "hip Brooklyn" have gone overboard. The original reason people moved to Brooklyn was because they were priced out of Manhattan despite oftentimes working there. Thus, they moved to places near convenient, Manhattan-destined trains like the L and F (Williamsburg and Park Slope). However, any idea of convenience has been thrown out the window at this point. Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy? Since when does the G train give anyone a convenient ride? We've reached the point of no return. There was a great New York article about reverse gentrification a little while back about people finally realizing that Red Hook is inconvenient and a stupid place to live unless you want to run a factory. Sure, IKEA could change that, but who knows. In five years these lofts will be abandoned, and in ten they'll be crack dens. Things come full circle. Suck on that, Real World cast!

The big move on Saturday just can't come fast enough.

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